Din [noun]

Definition of Din:

loud, continuous noise

Synonyms of Din:

Opposite/Antonyms of Din:

Sentence/Example of Din:

Probably every man, woman and child able to walk was adding to the din in the great city beyond the river.

A maid, alarmed at the din of breaking glass, entered the room to discover what was the matter.

Then such a din and commotion you never heard nor saw, even on the glorious Fourth of July.

Like a clarion call the note rings in my ears, amidst the din of contending views and obscure phraseology.

At seven o'clock, a horrible din makes you start up in bed and tremble from head to foot.

They are discreditable-looking places where there is no order, no cleanliness but utter confusion and horrible din and noise.

The best way of scansion is perhaps to read despyt-e with final e, preserved by csura, and to pronounce Diane as Din'.

Not far from this is the monument of Nizam-ul-din, a very sacred and greatly venerated Mahomedan.

It is as perfect in its execution as that of the saint Nizam-ul-din, and appears to have been erected by the same artist.

The herd became thoroughly alarmed and the women shook the rattles and made a loud din.