Racket [noun]

Definition of Racket:

commotion; fight

Synonyms of Racket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Racket:

Sentence/Example of Racket:

I can't understand to this day why he hadn't raised a racket.

While I talked, there burst forth suddenly the racket of fifes and drums in the road.

I then found that I was using my Thursday's racket instead of Tuesday's.

Pray, some of you explain this; what has been the occasion of all this racket?

I, also, was in anger, but this racket kept me cool and made me smile.

You racket about and overtax your strength and excite yourself.

It's a blow to the Frenches, too, for since we notifies 'em, they has set their hearts on the racket.

“Kicking up a racket in there,” he said jerkily, indicating the parlour.

Then as the other passed glasses and the bottle, he went on: “Tell us about it—the racket, I mean.”

I had a hard time of it too, along of that rotten old Patna racket.'