Squall [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Squall:

By this time the squall had passed, and it lightened up a little.

The instant I was aware there was a squall, I sprang for the jib-sheet.

So the swoop of the squall took them completely by surprise.

The last commands were roars at the horse, for, at that moment, the squall struck.

In fact, the squall struck before I was abreast the Colton place.

But when I got round to the other side of the island the squall broke in rain and wind.

The brig may get a lot of sternway on her should this squall not strike her fairly.

If I cut adrift in a squall, I stand a pretty fair chance not to see you again.

Running in, in a squall, we got into 3¼ fathom, where we anchored.

He does nothin' but squall so that my head air a bustin' the hours through.