Blow [noun]

Definition of Blow:

blast, rush of air, wind

Synonyms of Blow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blow:

Sentence/Example of Blow:

In turn, that has served as a major blow to the women selling khat, says Sahra Ahmed Koshin, a doctoral candidate at the University of Copenhagen studying the Somali diaspora who has tracked the lives of several female khat dealers.

As a teenager, he had a glancing blow of viral attention when he auditioned for America’s Got Talent, but it was TikTok that provided sustained views and attention.

“It’s like a boxer in the ring taking a lot of punches and you’re just waiting for the knockout blow,” said independent media analyst Alex De Groote.

However, the distinguishing feature of the Boeotian pertained to its sloping metal rim that extended at the rear to protect the neck while also slightly projecting downwards at the front to deflect blows.

At the same time, the effective modifications allowed for adequate protection from incoming blows.

It was like his beautiful courtesy to call me in and introduce me to Blow instead of letting me go away.

He who has attained it grows giddy, and the fiercest winds are summoned to blow him from his eminence.

Upon his knees then, he lingered, while I rained blow after blow upon his upturned face.

At his sight shall the mountains be shaken, and at his will the south wind shall blow.

The tailor of the fairy tale with his "seven at a blow" is not in it with the gunnery Lieutenant of a battleship.