Hurricane [noun]

Definition of Hurricane:

violent windstorm

Synonyms of Hurricane:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurricane:


Sentence/Example of Hurricane:

Sociologists estimate that people remember the worst effects of a hurricane for just seven years, and that 85 percent of US coastal residents haven’t actually experienced a direct hit from a major hurricane before.

These storms have winds rivaling the strength of a hurricane or tornado, but push forward in one direction instead of rotating.

“It seems that hurricanes are immensely important,” Donihue says.

A hurricane around the center of a galaxy called J0230 has winds that howl at one-fifth of the speed of light.

For instance, more water now gets dumped on cities during hurricanes.

Maybe it didn't feel good to be on the hurricane deck of a good horse once more!

In a few days a new home was ready and the terrible hurricane forgotten by the carefree, happy little boy.

You also remember that last summer a hurricane destroyed the boy's home, and a new one had to be built.

They are, however, much less energetic, and often of greater size than the hurricane whirl.

Many a wild hurricane has spent its force on this tree of life, but has only caused it to strike its roots deeper.