Gale [noun]

Definition of Gale:

violent storm

Synonyms of Gale:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gale:


Sentence/Example of Gale:

Specifically, the party failed to submit affidavits in person signed by Scroggin and Gale, according to the court.

It struck me from behind and carried me willy-nilly and with great force like a leaf in a gale.

The gale still lasted, and the steamer was in momentary danger of becoming a complete wreck.

At a quarter before seven o'clock we hauled to the wind for the night with a fresh gale from the southward.

Loud and clear were both the signals, but four and a half miles of distance and a fresh gale neutralised their influence.

It is not an easy matter to sit up in a gale of wind, with freezing spray, and sometimes green seas, sweeping over one!

A violent gale of wind from the south-west; the only thing like a hard gale since we left England.

Oh, Gale, but Im glad to see you, the girl from the ranch house declared hugging the foremost one of the visitors.

That shows how much they really know Gale and Valerie, added Janet mischievously.

The girls claimed their mounts and Gale and Valerie, already experienced riders, mounted their horses immediately.