Burst [noun]

Definition of Burst:

blow-up, blast

Synonyms of Burst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burst:

Sentence/Example of Burst:

He burst into a loud laugh, clapped his hands, and danced before the delighted babe.

After a moment's silence, the cavaliers both burst into a gay laugh.

A burst of indignation within seemed to do more for him than the outward buffetings.

Some hidden magnetism burst from him like an aura, and his cold pasty face and light gray eyes flamed into positive beauty.

It burst upon them ere long with awful fury and grandeur, the elements warring with incredible vehemence.

A terrific yell of rage burst from every one, and each hastily threw something or other at the bold intruder.

At this part of Lorenzo's narrative, a cry, unutterable in words, burst from the engloomed but steadfast bosom of his auditor.

The attempt at social change threatens a social revolution in which the whole elaborate mechanism would burst into fragments.

The mill-dams at Sutton burst their banks July 24, 1668, and many houses were swept away.

The bushes seemed to burst into smoke and flame, and then came a crashing volley in return.