Juncture [noun]

Definition of Juncture:

turning point

Synonyms of Juncture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juncture:

Sentence/Example of Juncture:

Thomas’ genius is her ability to craft one man’s history in a way that illuminates the forces that brought us to this critical juncture.

Three years later, these projects—with names like Polkadot, Filecoin and Dfinity—are reaching a critical juncture.

Another crucial career juncture was Fraser’s decision to accept the role of running strategy for Citi at the beginning of the financial crisis.

At this important juncture, we asked several experts from different fields what their burning question about the coronavirus is.

In 2016, polls showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ahead in numerous battleground states at this juncture in the race, but her lead narrowed and ultimately vanished in key states as October wore on.

In fact, it looks as if this juncture might share a number of similarities with the other two huge swings that have occurred since 1953.

Still, recent history has borne out the idea that, at certain postseason junctures, squaring off and going to work is the best option.

At this juncture, that means looking at the act, as enacted by the Idaho Legislature, and determining if it may violate the Constitution.

Mr. Lowten bethought himself, at this juncture, of looking out of the window.

At this juncture lord Delaware arrived with three ships, 150 men, and plenty of provisions, and settled the colony.