Quandary [noun]

Definition of Quandary:

delicate situation

Synonyms of Quandary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quandary:

Sentence/Example of Quandary:

It was his mate who relieved him from the quandary in which he found himself.

The less he teaches and insists on facts and details, the greater his quandary.

As a matter of fact, he told himself, he was in something of a quandary.

Had she said the Pritchards, Elsie would have been in a quandary; as it was, her face brightened.

I confessed myself in as black a quandary as ever man experienced.

Of the circumstances of Godfrey's quandary an account is to follow.

Having captured their men, they were somewhat in a quandary how to keep them.

Situation enlivened for Opposition by quandary of Government.

But when Winton next came up to Bury Street, she was in a quandary.

Carrie hung in a quandary, balancing between decision and helplessness.