Predicament [noun]

Definition of Predicament:

difficult situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Predicament:

Sentence/Example of Predicament:

He hoped to distract her from such grief over her predicament.

Soon she was to learn of Tillie's predicament, and to take up the cudgels valiantly for her.

In this predicament the company turned to the Iowa legislature for protection.

No one who was not a good sport could have grinned as Rawson did at his own predicament.

No, never; the witness had never been in such a predicament.

It is not likely that he knew anything about what a predicament he had left Custer in.

It did not occur to her to reason that this predicament was wholly his fault.

Very quickly Bob explained their predicament, and she listened silently.

The Sheriff joined the procession, pausing only once to inquire into Sol's predicament.

The discovery seemed only to emphasize the helplessness of his predicament.