Posture [noun]

Definition of Posture:

stance, circumstance

Synonyms of Posture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Posture:


Sentence/Example of Posture:

He was sitting yonder when I began to dress, and has scarcely changed his posture since.

Our posture must be that of holy reverence, of quiet waiting and adoration.

Try and recall the posture of your affairs, when I extricated you and brought you to Seuthes.

She felt the indecorum of the posture he had condescended to take, and was shocked.

Whoever has need of another is indigent, and assumes a posture.

No attitude is fixed, and no outward observance of posture is required.

And do you mean to tell me that they have never stirred from that posture for two long hours?

Never at any time did she neglect to keep her army in a posture of offence.

And again he resumed his posture of sullen and determined silence.

There was something new in his posture—a stark stillness which arrested his eye.