Pose [noun]

Definition of Pose:

artificial position

Synonyms of Pose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pose:

Sentence/Example of Pose:

There was no change in the face or pose of the man who listened to the reading.

Voice, pose and gesture proclaimed at least the excellent mimic.

If you pose as a little god, you must pose for better for worse.

At the last push of fate Shakespeare will pose and deceive himself.

I wasn't so enamoured with the ancients as I thought I was; but I was enamoured with your contemplation of my pose.

It's just the picturesque dignity of the costume, and the pose, perhaps.

Outwardly he maintained consistently a pose of impassive gullibility.

Nevertheless it was his pose to imply that for him no other sort of reputation was desirable.

She had a long, flexible white neck, and the pose of her head was charming.

My dear Martel, I beg you—I beseech you—to pose for the hands and feet of my grandmother!