Role [noun]

Definition of Role:

impersonation of a character

Synonyms of Role:

Opposite/Antonyms of Role:

Sentence/Example of Role:

At forty if a man chooses to assume the role of Orlando he does it to perfection.

Perhaps in desperation you may assume the role of cook yourself.

They have made the prelude, and the importance of their role has passed.

His role was that of the deeply respectful "brother artist."

If he had learned his role by heart, he could not have played it better.

Hermione's role in this summer existence puzzled him exceedingly.

He acts with him as a sort of guardian; and that is the limitation of his role.

That was their great fear, for they wanted to reserve to themselves the role of deliverers.

After the role of deliverer, that of martyr was not to be despised.

She was yearning for that role and hoping that Nana would refuse it.