Act [noun]

Definition of Act:

something done

Synonyms of Act:

Opposite/Antonyms of Act:

Sentence/Example of Act:

Some adherents of QAnon are running for public office, but some others have committed violent acts or threatened them, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

With Election Day just seven weeks away, the act is unlikely to become law during this session of Congress.

On July 31, the weekly $600 unemployment checks that were sent out thanks to the CARES act officially expired.

Every eligible voter’s vote should be counted and not canceled out by fraudulent acts.

The governor should forget about it until after the pandemic and legislators get their acts back together.

Some people find the act of using the Surface Duo as a phone awkward, with the wide device folded in half pressed to your ear, but I got used to it pretty quickly.

According to that law, platforms are not responsible for content posted by users and must remove such content only if a court order specifies what crime or illegal act was committed.

Indeed, the very act of believing involves taking yourself to have good reasons for the belief in question.

Still, the simple act of noticing how I felt each day gave me a framework to interpret the signals my body was sending.

He caught himself in the act of listening to you too credulously—and that seemed to him unmanly and dishonorable.