Operation [noun]

Definition of Operation:

movement, working

Opposite/Antonyms of Operation:

Sentence/Example of Operation:

This operation is performed by a female, with the aid of a stamp.

This operation is performed by the aid of a punch and die fitted into a screw-press.

The physician replied that it was not far enough advanced for an operation.

He remembered the day Max had done the Edwardes operation, and how proud he had been of him.

This operation takes about twenty minutes, and at one operation about 1½ cwt.

This is an operation too difficult for a weak force to accomplish.

Gas is indispensable in the operation of dirigible balloons, and gas is expensive.

My heart grew bitter in me when the news came of Harry's operation.

She was making the tea when Arthur came in, and now hastily finished that operation.

The Benedictines and Cluniacs had no stated times or seasons for the operation.