Procedure [noun]

Definition of Procedure:

process, system for accomplishing something

Synonyms of Procedure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Procedure:

Sentence/Example of Procedure:

The procedure in this case is the same as for currant jelly.

The method of procedure depends upon the form of machine in use.

Taste and conscience only differ in their provinces, not in their procedure.

Once he varied this procedure by glancing up while still in the middle of a row.

There was bad blood over principles and procedure, policies and plans.

Our third law will be a general one, concerning the procedure and the judges in cases of treason.

Punishments of offences and modes of procedure come next in order.

Lulie's first procedure was to glance quickly about the apartment.

This procedure should, it seemed to me, have satisfied her, but apparently it did not.

With regard to methods of procedure in the hunting-field, enough has been said.