Maneuver [noun]

Definition of Maneuver:

move, tactic

Synonyms of Maneuver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Maneuver:

Sentence/Example of Maneuver:

The English detected at once the maneuver of their opponents.

But this maneuver serves no purpose: the facts remain as they are.

Twice the maneuver was repeated, each time with the same success.

Well,” remarked Monroe, as he witnessed this maneuver, “what is it?

The maneuver was repeated three times, and they then gained the end house of the village.

The chuckle which replied to this maneuver freed him for the moment.

At last the maneuver was completed and the engines shut down to stand-by.

I don't think any of them was hit during this maneuver, at least I did not see any of them fall.

This was aimed at John Mangles, who had smiled at the clumsiness of some maneuver.

Holding it firmly in his fist he began to maneuver for a fatal plunge at the animal's throat.