Shuffle [verb]

Definition of Shuffle:

move along lazily

Synonyms of Shuffle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shuffle:

Sentence/Example of Shuffle:

And forthwith, as one who may not be resisted, he swept up the cards and began to shuffle.

Whatever explanation of our sufferings and failures there may be we must not shuffle them off on God.

The cornet and bass-viol had put in an appearance, but the pianist had been lost in the shuffle.

He does not shuffle or prevaricate, dodge or skulk; but is honest, upright, and straightforward.

Well, if this particular deal had failed, he must shuffle the cards and deal again.

I am afraid in these last days that it may be lost in the shuffle.

Ralph would rather have heard him whimper and shuffle as he had done before.

I made sure he was going to dun, and that I should have to shuffle.

A shuffle of feet brought his gaze up to the port-lock entrance.

When he noticed me looking at him he started to shuffle again athwart the saloon.