Arrange [verb]

Definition of Arrange:

put in an order

Synonyms of Arrange:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrange:

Sentence/Example of Arrange:

“There’s no precedent for vaccines to be stored at that low of a temperature,” says Soumi Saha, a pharmacist and director of advocacy at Premier, which arranges healthcare purchases for hospitals, nursing homes, and other providers.

We start by flipping a coin on each state, arranged in increasing order of distance from toss-up.

The structure of the embryo emerges as the nuclei and other cellular materials gradually arrange themselves within this mass.

The flight comes after El Al was grounded because of the coronavirus pandemic, with the airline needing to arrange a financing plan to resume full operations.

The funds, which were arranged by the Historic Preservation Fund, will go toward renovations that help to preserve consequential structures on campuses located throughout 12 states.

Neopentylgylcol’s molecules are round and arranged in a three-dimensional lattice.

What we’re looking at in 2020 and beyond it seems, are six key factors Instagram’s ranking algorithm relies on when arranging posts.

Maybe you arrange 12 of them correctly, but you can’t find a way to add the next die.

According to reports by the Washington Post and NBC Washington, the former employee, JoVon Pender, alleges that Grant arranged for him to be fired from his job after he refused Grant’s sexual advances.

A better course of action might be to call the hospital and ask for their help in arranging how to get there.