Disorganize [verb]

Definition of Disorganize:

disrupt arrangement; make shambles of

Synonyms of Disorganize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disorganize:

Sentence/Example of Disorganize:

And lastly, the inevitable and frequent economic crises under capitalism disorganize it and hasten it on towards destruction.

And there was that in it which seemed at moments to disorganize the room, and lay violent and exclusive hold on the spectator.

This riot of waters and crashing of ice were enough to disorganize the best school in New England.

The response he received on every hand was the statement that it would disorganize and disband the Confederate Armies.

Fear that number of these arrests of active managers, representatives, may disorganize industry on the Rand.

The first effect of these measures was, as was natural, to disorganize the socialist party for the time.

They conspired to disorganize the transportation system, the hospital service, the food-supply, the manufacture of munitions.

It will disorganize all pus and ferment-producing micro-organisms, their toxins, ferments and ptomains.

In reality, the war itself served to disorganize the Chinese police, and to diminish the authority of the local officers.

Here then we have the occasional but inevitable usurpers, who either momentarily or finally disorganize the State.