Complicate [verb]

Definition of Complicate:

confuse, make difficult

Opposite/Antonyms of Complicate:

Sentence/Example of Complicate:

Planning has been complicated because of uncertainty over the timing of FDA approval and the different dosage and storage requirements of prospective vaccines.

This is all complicated by the fact that we’re still figuring out how best to combat the pandemic.

Putting purpose into law will simplify, not complicate, the running of businesses by aligning what the law wants them to do with the reason why they are created.

She believes statements by the city clerk and City Attorney Mara Elliott ahead of the primary declaring that a two-thirds vote would be required to pass the measure could complicate matters for Measure C supporters.

Rather, most of the officials trying to complicate the voting process are Republicans.

Here, it’s worth acknowledging the tensions that complicate long-term participation in machine learning, and recognizing that cooperation and justice do not scale in frictionless ways.

He also said the weekend is expected to bring “monsoon-type weather conditions,” which could complicate matters.

Over in the mayor’s race, Councilwoman Barbara Bry raised more money from individual contributors than almost any other campaign in the region — complicating the narrative that Assemblyman Todd Gloria is the frontrunner.

Some of those complaints were leveled at people selling goods on the internet, which means major platforms are in the middle, which complicates things.

Representation theory is a way of taking complicated objects and “representing” them with simpler objects.