Twist [noun]

Definition of Twist:

curl, spin

Synonyms of Twist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Twist:


Sentence/Example of Twist:

The other man had risen, his face purple from the twist at his throat.

The enamels were made of twist, the metals of gold and silver thread.

“Far from it,” confessed the other, with a reluctance which seemed to twist his mouth dolorously.

A pack can twist you as suddenly and expertly on your back as the best of wrestlers.

There was a ringing in our ears and Uncle Pete began to twist.

Betty shook her head, and began to twist the corner of her apron in her hands.

But he confessed that it did twist in spite of him, and that at the place was found a concealed spring.

It's enough to twist round the necks of all the women of the neighborhood.

The twist goes first to the thin places where the least resistance is offered.

If—if I gave in and had a week in bed, I could twist you round my finger.