Wrench [verb]

Definition of Wrench:

jerk, force violently

Synonyms of Wrench:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrench:

Sentence/Example of Wrench:

Oh, the wrench to the mother's heart at the thought of what she could foresee!

S'pose that fellar should rise up, an' wrench off them bars!

Abruptly she fell on her knees, caught his hand and kissed it before he could wrench it from her.

The wrench upon it had already pulled the bodkin from the wainscot.

Then tighten the sealing nuts with the special Exide wrench.

Sally removed her collar with a wrench and a grunt: "Got a date?"

With all her huge strength she strained to wrench herself clear.

I turned angrily, but a wrench of the handcuffs pulled me up.

"Let go, I'll pull him out," said Maget, trying to wrench away from Durkin.

They tried together to wrench it into shape, but worked without avail.