Contort [verb]

Definition of Contort:

disfigure, distort

Synonyms of Contort:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contort:

Sentence/Example of Contort:

Andy walked around in the middle of the corral, quite aimlessly, and watched the roan contort.

The acrobats contort themselves into the shapes of letters upon the screen before the children's eyes.

Field could contort his face into a thunder-cloud which could send children almost into convulsions of fear.

When the boat hit a few waves, the lumpy canvas would contort and wriggle all over in anguish, uncouth muffled sounds arising.

Childish bodies, glowing pure, Are made a sacrifice unto your lust, That you may see their tender limbs contort.

The rabbit, which had been hanging placidly suspended, was now seized with spasms and began to twitch and contort violently.

That it is possible so to contort the face as to render it unrecognizable is seen in some cases of angina pectoris, of course.

As he spoke a spasm seemed to contort the body of the dying man.

She did not see his face change and contort itself into malignancy.

He would contort your muscles and dislocate your bones like any osteopath.