Squint [verb]

Definition of Squint:

scrunch up eyes when viewing

Synonyms of Squint:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squint:


Sentence/Example of Squint:

When startled by anything perplexing he used to squint horribly.

Better not look, though; too bad if she had buck teeth or squint eyes.

The puncher stopped beside it to squint through the telescope.

Yes, and I know that at the amorous crisis he ceases to squint.

Would the honorable gentleman come and take a squint at Rajah?

I took just one squint at the mob and felt a chill down my spine.

However, to make sure, maybe I had better have a squint at my compass.

I had forgotten how he laughed, though his laugh was as odd as his squint.

It near blinded him the first squint he got of them big chunks of gold.

They call him 'Squint' Rodaine, and he may or may not still be there.