Look [noun]

Definition of Look:

visual examination

Synonyms of Look:

Opposite/Antonyms of Look:

Sentence/Example of Look:

Find the best weighted blanket for you and your partnerOnce you’ve settled on the right weight for you, go ahead and take a look at the blanket’s dimensions.

The best heated throw blankets offer washability, customizable heat, and a stylish look that will blend seamlessly with your space.

Will Huntsberry took a closer look at the ongoing dispute between the governor and California Teachers Association in last week’s Learning Curve.

These craze-setters take note of fashion shows and celebrity looks, but they also collect data on politics, entertainment, the environment, technology, and consumer behavior.

It’s a great, economical way to improve the look of your property.

I think that we need to take a real hard, strong look and reconcile some of the things that happened.

Here is a look at snowfall totals from the Winter Storm that impacted the area earlier today.

We just published our look back at 2020, and the results aren’t pretty.

The new sign will be more durable and environmentally friendly, but it is designed to match the look of the original.

Plant-based meat substitute startup Novameat recently unveiled a closer look at the plant-based meat alternative it’s been producing with its proprietary 3D-printing technology.