Gander [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gander:

Take a gander at these upbeat stories to help make your Thanksgiving feel a little more thankful—and to give you something positive to bring up with whoever’s sharing your cranberry sauce.

The lone pine on the stone cap of Gander Knob waved its farewell, and we clattered down the long slope into the great world.

The gander came towards them, stretching out his neck, and hissing loudly.

But when de time come dat long neck gander out fit de whole 'Federate army.

Dat's when I named dat ole mean fightin' gander General Lee.

Everywhare I went 'roun' de place dat gander wuz right at my heels.

De bull reared an' snorted an' kicked, but dat gander held on.

When de other sojers come up an' try to pull him off, dat gander let out a wing an' near about slap dem down.

We have left them a goose and a gander, which they take a great delight in.

One large blue gander remained near, in spite of her angry motions and cross words.