Slant [noun]

Definition of Slant:

angle, slope

Synonyms of Slant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slant:

Sentence/Example of Slant:

A puff of wind and a slant of rain, as I've been saying to my gel here.

A bluebottle buzzed about the ceiling; a slant of sunlight crossed the floor.

The slant of the moonlight had died off the floor, and all was dark.

"Just a slant of rain maybe, and a puff of wind," said Csar.

Put a pencil in it, letting the pencil rest at a slant from left to right.

Far away a slant of light between the trees closed the view.

With a slant of the eye, that said and suppressed many things, Emma had gone.

The slant rays of the sun struck them and turned them mother-of-pearl.

The moon had peeped out and was flinging a slant of light over the water.

And it wasn't until after dinner that I got a slant on this remark of hers.