Grade [noun]

Definition of Grade:

rank, step

Synonyms of Grade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grade:

Sentence/Example of Grade:

At London Metropolitan University, around 200 students “self-released” from places they had accepted after teacher-assessed grades were accepted — around 50 percent more than in a normal year.

During the first half of 2020, many students have fallen behind academically as they’ve relied on remote learning, which will make it harder for many to meet grade level expectations.

On the final test, they scored more than a full letter grade better, on average, than did students who studied the way they normally had.

Research shows, for instance, that when curriculum is made ethnically relevant for students, dropout rates go down and grades and attendance go up.

When spring semester ended that first year, I had good grades, and books I no longer needed, but I did not have fifty cents to my name.

This is the filter grade commonly used by hospitals, and is widely considered effective for removing coronavirus from the air.

While hundreds of companies are included in OpenInvest’s Racial Justice Cause, only 70 of the S&P 500 currently make the grade.

Cajon Valley serves grades K-8 and has roughly 17,000 students.

So I was taking this course in my first semester and I received such a low grade.

She got good grades, but some school staff said she shouldn’t aim so high.