Size [noun]

Definition of Size:

extent or bulk of some dimension

Opposite/Antonyms of Size:

Sentence/Example of Size:

To make sure of success and the size of his stakes he was willing to invest heavily.

How long the bread should bake depends on the size of the loaf.

Bake for an hour or more, according to the size of the loaves.

"She must have had ready another stone of shape and size like it," said the Corn Woman.

And she says: 'How old is the young lady, and what's her size, and what's her color?'

Had her poor little room doubled its size and trebled its furniture?

There's a doll I brought her from New Orleans once when she was about your size.

They had been arranged somewhat according to size, with the curve outward.

No creature of his own size had ever talked with him, in thunder-like accents, face to face.

It was all of a chestnut-red colour, long-bodied, in size like a big pigeon.