Largeness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Largeness:

A great charm in Trevithick's character was his freedom and largeness of view in questions of competition.

The largeness and the perfection of them pointed to a struggle in which poor Jinny must have been torn in pieces.

The whole crowd were in tip-top spirits and immensely pleased with the freedom and largeness of their newly conquered kingdom.

This race differs from the common kind, by the largeness of the body, the slenderness of the legs, and the lustre of the hair.

Smaller, therefore, shall it be—because of its very largeness to her.

It was his nature to see results with a dazzling largeness that blinded him to the detail of their achievement.

With characteristic largeness of feeling he set aside all half-measures or proposals of compromise.

There is beyond the inherent nobility that is in Anne a largeness of spirit that is hard for a man to understand.

A certain largeness of idea and nobility of impulse often made him act the sentiments of which bookmen write.

And among such false means largeness of scale in the dwelling-house was of course one of the easiest and most direct.