Height [noun]

Definition of Height:

altitude, top part

Synonyms of Height:

Opposite/Antonyms of Height:

Sentence/Example of Height:

A surfer cares about wave heights, not the jostling of water molecules.

The difference between the ice cube and the final tower height was zero every time.

The plan would raise the height limit not just for the Sports Arena area but the entire Midway corridor down to Old Town.

Falling ad prices on TV earlier this spring amid the height of the coronavirus crisis caught the attention of a number of direct-to-consumer brands, as previously reported by Digiday.

The last time it reached such heights was January 2018, when a massive volatility shock sent the index into a correction.

The T-bar handle is adjustable and can extend up to 41 inches off the ground so you are good to go at almost any height.

Furthermore, its rate of descent at any speed is such that the potential energy it gives up by losing height is precisely equal to the energy needed to overcome its drag.

There’s a popular, perfectly rational narrative about the Boston Celtics that essentially says the height of their playoff ceiling will be set by Tatum and Brown.

The holiday took place at the height of the pandemic, but consumers just celebrated differently, with more events taking place at home.

While the threat level was at its height at the beginning of April, it began petering out towards the end of May and June.