Pitch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pitch:

Then the body had become a "mummy" because it was filled with "Mumiai" or pitch.

They told how Tomo was wrought to a pitch of frenzied interest by this manhunt.

The picture became obscured, and presently it was pitch dark.

Draw a diagram representing the circumference line and pitch in feet.

The captain had ordered Cooper to boil some pitch at the galley.

The pitch of this note would correspond to the rate of interruption of the current.

Luckily for Sir Marcus, it was adjudged to be off our 'pitch.'

With pitch, gum, or grease, they covered up the cracks or seams.

Often we hunted for an hour or so before we could find any sort of a spot to pitch our tent.

Never before had Hilary heard him raise his voice to that pitch.