Slope [noun]

Definition of Slope:

slant, tilt

Synonyms of Slope:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slope:

Sentence/Example of Slope:

He descended the slope, and sat down in the shade of a broad-leaved tree.

And up the slope, brandishing their sticks, charged the town boys.

At this moment a roar of astonishment came up to them from down the slope.

They passed the gate which was opened for them and began to mount the slope beyond.

There was a pleasant farmhouse out of town on the slope of Vesuvius.

Leisurely, they walked up the slope skirting the garden wall.

The Via Nazionale turned for the last time at the foot of the slope.

But the slope grew more gradual, and its base was grass-covered.

The edges of the gables rose, not in a slope, but in a succession of notches, like stairs.

Now that they were descending the slope, he saw where the water was.