Sway [noun]

Definition of Sway:

strong influence

Synonyms of Sway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sway:

Sentence/Example of Sway:

Kirkwood rose, balancing himself against the leap and sway of the boat.

From them dates the sway of Aristotle throughout the middle ages.

I want to be able to go to her, knowing that no other woman can sway me from her for a second.

But the whole strength and sway of their king is derived from the authority of the Romans.

But the Field of poppies and daisies begins to sway as under a gale.

Now they regained their sway over him by twitting him about being afraid of his wife.

At the end of a few months she fell completely under his sway.

At times the floor seemed suddenly to sway beneath his feet.

There was something familiar in the sway of his hips as he walked.

Under any forms, persons and property must and will have their just sway.