Authority [noun]

Definition of Authority:

power, control

Synonyms of Authority:

Opposite/Antonyms of Authority:

Sentence/Example of Authority:

By doing so, Facebook has effectively taken away medical experts’ and doctors’ authority on health-related matters and handed it over to the general public.

State and federal agencies have somewhat overlapping authority to regulate coal industry pollution.

Now, when we get on the ground, we’re still under the command and control of the governor and the adjutant general, the top military officer of the Illinois National Guard, but we’re generally placed under a civilian authority at the emergency.

Like Wiley, Gostin said lawsuits over a governor’s legal authority and separation of powers are more likely to succeed than those about individual liberties.

However, in practice, we often see that the so-called YMYL websites already can’t rank without having some expertise and authority established.

AstraZeneca is working with regulatory authorities in the US and other countries to start their trials back up again as well.

Within a week of the executive order, the USDA was working with companies and local health authorities to reopen shuttered plants.

The region’s authorities were thanked in the movie’s credits.

Pierre Calpini, head of the regional health authority, later defended his decision to go through with the event.

Yet the season will be spread over an even longer period this year in part because health authorities want to avoid a rush to stores, which increases the risk of coronavirus transmission.