Disadvantage [noun]

Definition of Disadvantage:

hurt, loss

Synonyms of Disadvantage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disadvantage:

Sentence/Example of Disadvantage:

Pachter said investors clearly think that the competing ad networks run by the likes of Snap and Twitter are going to be put at a disadvantage while titans like Google and Facebook charge ahead.

He’s unstoppable down there,1 after all, and Boston often appears to be at a significant size disadvantage.

Vince Tibone, retail sector head at Green Street, says there are questions about whether the unusual ownership structure put other landlords at a disadvantage.

However, vice presidents also face a number of disadvantages in the modern nomination system.

With extensive training and practice, athletes facing off against left-handers may be able to overcome this disadvantage in some sports.

So all of us, I think, are working to some degree at a disadvantage.

“I don't want any man taken by surprise or at disadvantage; I simply wish for truth,” said he.

Its disadvantage is that it introduces, with the bread, a variable amount of lactic acid and numerous yeast-cells.

It was certainly curious, this desire to screen his cousin, to prevent his appearing at a disadvantage.

(p. 340) In summer the roads are very dusty in California, and this dust is a disadvantage to the tobacco planter.