Disservice [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disservice:

It’s just a shame that these shows are often made in a style that is so tired by this point, it even does a disservice to the Dickens and Austen tales for which it was originally developed.

Montgomery’s head of emergency management, Earl Stoddard, said those who have leaked the registration link did “a great disservice” to the community by complicating efforts to quickly inoculate the county’s top-priority group.

That would do any open world Star Wars game a major disservice.

Unintentionally, the film’s opening also does a disservice to the subtlety of some of the performances, particularly Kirby’s.

Increasing that walled garden power would be a disservice to users and to the digital economy, especially to small and upstart businesses.

It is a disservice to the nation’s workers, taxpayers, and real job creators.

Well has Ennius said, "Kindnesses misplaced are nothing but a curse and disservice."

It required six months of judicial labor to bring forth this result, which was of "infinite disservice to the crown."

At least they have been of some service to our cause and of some disservice to yours, and that, I take it, is the purpose of war.

The author of those lines, on another occasion, rendered Mr. Bird a serious disservice.