Insult [noun]

Definition of Insult:

hateful communication

Opposite/Antonyms of Insult:

Sentence/Example of Insult:

That the “short list” was most of the world, or that the term ultimately devolved into an insult, seems unsurprising in retrospect.

It was an insult to the public as well, and a sad example of the state of American democracy five weeks before the election.

It wasn’t the insults or shouting that put the markets into a risk-off mood.

“Streamlining,” wrote Technical Editor Kevin Cameron in a February, 2002, piece about the star of the 2001 Tokyo Show, “would just be an insult to the air-crushing power of the supercharged engine.”

Adding insult to injury, my coworkers and I were offered only a pittance of severance to tide us over through this incredible time of uncertainty.

These are the subtle snubs or insults experienced in the everyday lives of underrepresented people, including students.

Her team also is studying countermeasures to those snubs and insults.

Yet how came it that even a low-caste mongrel of a Lascar should offer such an overt insult to a Brahmin!

He passed to and fro in the city without the least insult being offered him by any Spaniard.

Insult and outrage seemed to have given that bodily vigour to Ripperda, which medicine and surgery had taken no pains to restore.