Shame [noun]

Definition of Shame:

disgrace, embarrassment

Opposite/Antonyms of Shame:

Sentence/Example of Shame:

May the powers that guide our destiny, preserve you from any real cause for shame.

"Oh, you were mean—mean—to shame me so," and floods of tears came again.

I ever told you she would bring you to shame, thus left to herself.

This we too well know you can, and have done—more is the shame and the pity!

I'd level straightway with the dust, and with it sink our shame.

For he felt that if this scene continued he would go mad with shame.

When one thinks of all the fine work he might have accomplished, it seems a shame.

No, father; you would be the first to seek and comfort me, and the first to cry 'Shame!'

It was a shame his uncle should have so much and leave him in such straits!

Their shame was hers: the son of her mother, the son of her father was a thief!