Chagrin [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chagrin:

In 1868, to the chagrin of his wife, Stanton barricaded himself in his office and slept on a couch for more than two months until Johnson’s trial ended.

Princess Kaguya grows up loving her rural, simple lifestyle, but when she comes of age, she is whisked away to live a fancy royal life in the city — with servants attending to her and suitors pursuing her — all to her chagrin.

Even slight familiarity with the microscopic structure of vegetable tissue will prevent the chagrin of such errors.

As for his killing you in cold blood, that thought comes from your excitement of the moment and your chagrin at your overthrow.

So, much to their chagrin, the guerrillas gave up the chase and went to attend to their dead comrade.

He died of chagrin at business failures, and at not having received any assistance from his father or mother.

White with anger and chagrin, the doctor stood roundly abusing the man who had investigated that lonely house.

After the softening, the quasi-reconciliation of the day before, his chagrin and disappointment were great.

As time passed, and she could discover no clue to your whereabouts, her chagrin and grief became intense.

His chagrin, his wounded self-love, his mortification at the unexpected turn of affairs unnerved him.