Satisfaction [noun]

Definition of Satisfaction:

giving or enjoying a state of comfort, content

Opposite/Antonyms of Satisfaction:

Sentence/Example of Satisfaction:

"I've got something to do pretty quick," thought Robert, with satisfaction.

Still, the thought of the gold in his pockets afforded some satisfaction.

Yet it is a satisfaction to do what I can to let you know the position in which I stand.

This was responded to by a roar of satisfaction from the crowd below.

The charter-party has been carried out entirely to my satisfaction.

The marketman handed Robert ninety cents, which he pocketed with satisfaction.

"You had some satisfaction out of it, at any rate," laughed Viviette.

He could not refrain from showing his satisfaction with Evelyn.

Her pity for Beatrice gave her a secret pleasure and satisfaction.

We had the satisfaction to know that at least there were people below.