Conciliation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conciliation:

He would have tried some slight conciliation, but it was really impossible with such a boy as his enemy.

Dumouriez, who understood the character of the people he was dealing with, was all for conciliation.

It will be an advantage now to look through “Conciliation with the Colonies” and note its general plan of structure.

It is a powerful summary, and a skillful plea for the adoption of a policy of conciliation with the colonies of America.

Immediately placards were issued from Conciliation Hall, and were posted in town and country, announcing the event.

Meanwhile the condition of the ministry was unfavourable alike to any chance of conciliation or to a consistently vigorous policy.

On the 17th he brought in two bills for a scheme of conciliation to which George had at last given his sanction.

Doubtless this wicked deity was once so feared that his conciliation was one of the serious concerns of life.

After a moment of deep silence, however, he once more addressed Borroughcliffe in the tones of conciliation.

Either of these situations may end the struggle without the added conciliation of the opponents.