Reconcilement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reconcilement:

But her Majesty's reconcilement,—this was very slow to follow.

But she would be expecting explanations before the reconcilement.

It seemed a reconcilement of opposing stations, a defeat of Puritanism.

It might be decreed that she and Society were to come to reconcilement.

Has this reconcilement not been effected already by the Senate?

I have begged him to write to thee a letter of reconcilement.

But how shall I believe this, what new token Of reconcilement will he shew me?

We are indebted to the shrewd observations of Huber for a reconcilement of the Roman and the French naturalists.

It is diverting to remark how these mutual admirers clash on the clearest point, with not a possibility of reconcilement.

I soon noticed that the male pigeon had reached a sort of reconcilement to those obstinate visits.