Rapprochement [noun]

Definition of Rapprochement:

restoration of harmony

Synonyms of Rapprochement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rapprochement:

Sentence/Example of Rapprochement:

As there is to be no rapprochement to us, what I can say may not avail.

Even English attempts at a rapprochement must not blind us to the real situation.

For the rapprochement was scarcely a normal, schoolgirl intimacy.

The Chancellor was instructed to prepare a rapprochement with France.

It had evidently been assumed that the time had come for a rapprochement.

This was the object of the policy of a rapprochement with England.

In the early 1970s the polemics were reduced to a minor level, and constructive talks leading to a rapprochement began to occur.

His inclination to a rapprochement with Russia is not shared by his Ministers.

That was the aim of our policy of rapprochement with England.

Truth to tell, the rapprochement between the brother and sister was not productive of entire satisfaction to Mr. Sandford.