Friendliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Friendliness:

It’s certainly the definition of a long-term bet, which may not satisfy the green brigade, but it’s burnishing the climate-friendly reputation of plenty of politicians.

Located in Cedar Springs, it is known for its cheap drinks, friendly atmosphere, and comfortable patio area.

In a friendly, Jamaican defender Oniel Fisher played 90 minutes in a 2-1 victory at Saudi Arabia.

The two agencies have enjoyed a friendly post-Cold War relationship, but Soyuz dependence meant launching on Russia’s schedule.

Flipboard has spent 2020 making itself more commerce-friendly.

This market-friendly approach with streamlined regulation will help subsidized projects, market-rate projects, and most importantly, San Diegans.

By 2035, all new auto sales have to be “eco-friendly,” Beijing decreed, with 50% being NEVs and the remaining half filled by regular hybrids.

The research team said the results highlight a promising approach to replacing traditional refrigerants, potentially delivering “environmentally friendly cooling without compromising performance.”

Owner and chef Matt Hill has instead created a family-friendly Southern restaurant that serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner in a rustic and refined space that looks like a Cracker Barrel got an extreme makeover — and a serious decluttering.

The last vestige of her prejudice against Indians had melted and gone, in the presence of their simple-hearted friendliness.