Geniality [noun]

Definition of Geniality:

extreme niceness

Opposite/Antonyms of Geniality:

Sentence/Example of Geniality:

One night, the genial host actually had on a tie beneath his jacket.

With her toothy smile and genial radiance, utterly void of pretense, Eleanor epitomized grace under pressure, folksy common sense, loyalty to friends and a bedrock belief in American democratic virtues.

Stripped of Borat’s genial imbecility, the general unfunniness and cruelty of the bits become apparent for all to see.

Knowing that the preferred company tone is one of genial informality, for instance, will prevent an errant support assistant from being overly critical.

There was a sort of geniality and inward fire about him at which I warmed my hands.

The ruddy countenance of the pumpkin was the very picture of geniality.

They are wanting in geniality, and apparently wanting in reflectiveness.

Then, with a misleading geniality: "This idea of restitution seems to me very right and proper."

He wished to stand well with his neighbours, but lacked the geniality which is the very body, the outside expression of humanity.

That charm is a certain homely friendliness in the aspect of the place, the bustle, the soberness and geniality of its people.