Cheerfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cheerfulness:

His cheerfulness was unbounded, and it was matched by his goodness of heart, his broad charity, and common sense.

For many days he was in a state of phrensy, and was never again restored to cheerfulness.

This brief conflict ended, she resumed her wonted composure and cheerfulness.

One could never meet him in the street, and look into his pleasant face, without catching something of his cheerfulness.

And here and there things that could ill be spared, brought in and offered with resolute cheerfulness.

But over it all was that surface cheerfulness, that best-foot-forward attitude of London.

Household cares are to be far from me: they destroy my cheerfulness and injure my beauty.

Everywhere high spirits and cheerfulness prevailed among the men.

As the great express stole in almost noiselessly, like a tired serpent, Kitty watched its approach with outward cheerfulness.

These mills are beautifully situated on the hills and rising grounds, and add much to the cheerfulness of the scenery.