Cheerlessness [noun]

Definition of Cheerlessness:

unhappiness, depression

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheerlessness:

Sentence/Example of Cheerlessness:

Moved by his unexpected leniency and the aspect of his cheerlessness, she immediately repented of her response.

My feeling of cheerlessness was not dispelled even by the warmth and comfort of the little inn.

Consider the change from comfort in the country to circumstances of cheerlessness in the city.

Nothing could exceed the apparent barrenness of these plains, or the cheerlessness of the landscape.

They looked in at the open door and snorted at the cheerlessness of the place.

Instead of an age of joy and of elastic step, we are pointed to an iron rule of repression and cheerlessness.

And it seemed to her that they alone could be counted happy who knew how to lighten a little the cheerlessness and gloom.

The dismantled villa looked the picture of sordid cheerlessness, when stripped of all the little touches she had given it.

The cloud of thick, black smoke, rising slowly in the evening air, added to the general cheerlessness of the scene.

These are minor matters, but yet add to the cheerlessness of the time after the strangers have gone.