Dolor [noun]

Definition of Dolor:

misery, anguish

Synonyms of Dolor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dolor:

Sentence/Example of Dolor:

The King desired that the Prince should keep the name given him by the little old woman in grey and so he was known as Dolor.

If anybody had said that Prince Dolor's uncle was cruel, he would have said that what he did was for the good of the country.

Prince Dolor had every luxury that even a Prince could need, and the one thing wanting—love, never having known, he did not miss.

Prince Dolor examined it curiously; spread it out on the floor, then arranged it on his shoulders.

Prince Dolor had never felt such delicious sensation before.

But Prince Dolor only saw, hidden in the corner where nobody else would see it, his wonderful traveling-cloak.

When Prince Dolor had carefully untied all the knots, the cloak began to undo itself.

The fourth day it happened that the deaf mute paid his accustomed visit, after which Prince Dolor's spirits rose.

Prince Dolor sat a good while thus, and seemed to grow years older in a few minutes.

Mag said that it was the finest city in the world but there were a few things in it that surprised Prince Dolor.